The Secret To Achieving Glossy Thick Hair

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Craving thick luscious hair but always falling flat? We have the secret to achieving flawless volume. Here are our top tips for giving thin hair a boost:

–    Get the chop! Having long locks can actually make your hair look thinner by weighing it down. Medium to short looks can offer volume and an all round thicker look.
–    Adding mouse to damp hair and combing it through will help give your hair the boost it needs. Avoid using too much product or you’ll risk having a ‘crunchy’ texture. 
–    Dry your hair on the opposite side to your parting and flip it back over when you’re done.
–    Get layers put in! Layers will give long hair volume and movement. Flat hair can be transformed with the right layers giving your hair a fresh new look.

We can help you achieve the look you want, come into the salon and our team of professionals can make your hair thick and full of life.

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