The Beauty of Hair Extensions

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Long gone are the days of having such a stigma attached to the use of hair extensions.  Once upon a time, people repelled at the idea of filling their hair with artificial strands of unflattering extensions in order to add length or volume.  Now, extensions are almost the norm!  You know all those photos you see in the glossy magazines of celebrities with luscious locks? Well, the majority have fitted extensions on a permanent basis!  And adding to the contrary of hair extensions today versus those of the past, they are not only used to add length, but to add volume, a fuller healthier appearance, different colours without having to dye natural hair, as well as helping to conceal damaged natural hair until it grows out.  After the damage that summer can inflict on our beloved tresses, if cared for properly and with consultation from our stylists, hair extensions can in fact be a great way to cover any damage and allow natural hair to grow out.  The brand of extensions makes a difference as well as the price.  Many people believe that cheaper brands of extensions work just as well and while this may be the case in the short term, in the long term if hair quality and fitting is poor, this will unfortunately reflect in your natural hair.  In our Strawberry Hill salon we offer the fitting of Easilocks extensions.  Easilocks are used by a vast amount of celebrities from Katie Price and Rochelle Humes right the way to Hollywood A listers such as Margot Robbie!  Easilocks hair extensions are made of top quality human hair and can be worn for up to a year with the correct care guided by our Bradley Smith stylists.  There was a time when such a highly sought after extensions brand was virtually impossible to find on your doorstep, but with our amazing team of stylist ready in our Strawberry Hill salon to fit you up, there’s not many reasons we can think of why you wouldn’t want to book in! Give us a call and ask our team any questions you might have before fixing your appointment! Big love from the team at Bradley Smith x

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