#BRADLEYSMITHHAIR Summer Haircare Tips

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With the summer months coming around faster than they are over, it’s sometimes easy to forgot how damaging the sun can be on your hair. With our five top tips, you’ll not only stay beach-fabulous this season, but your tresses will thank you right up until winter.

  1. It’s time to fight the FRIZZ for some of you. Put your heavy duty conditioners back in the cupboard and choose a lighter one to avoid a Lion’s mane.
  2. HEAT PROTECTION is essential in summer, but what’s even more of a must, is a heat protection spray with UVA an UVB filters. It’s like sun lotion for the hair!
  3. People take a dip in the pool without realising how damaging chlorine can be to your hair. Choose a summer shampoo that gently washes away salt, chlorine and other pollutants.
  4. At much as you might be attached to your hair straighteners, it’s like a heat overload after a week’s worth of strong sunshine. Embrace your effortless, beach waves and spritz sea salt SPRAY into your damp locks and leave to dry naturally.
  5. We try not to advise people to get their hair coloured before they go on holiday as the sun and alter the colour. However, if your hair colour isn’t natural, DEFINITELY use a colour intensive protection mask. Cover your hair in the mask when sun bathing or once you’ve rinsed your hair after coming out of the pool/sea.

Do you have any more summer haircare questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll happy get back to you 🙂

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