Bangs 5 Ways

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WhetherBangs five ways you’re suffering from a bad cowlick or you just need your fringe up and out of your face. These great fringe tricks will keep your hair look fresh. Blogger, Summer Ann, shares her top five styles for taming that fringe! Here’s Summer’s Tips;



“Number One
An easy dutch braid crown. Here is the tutorial where I have shown how I get the braid to be thicker and fuller. The difference with this one is I part it slightly off center, start one braid on each side up at the front corner of the section, and secure in the back with some bobby pins or a clear elastic.

Number Two
This has to be the easiest… It is a mini top knot (or Mulan Bun). I use a little clear elastic to pull my bangs back into a bun and then wrap the elastic with a small piece of the hair to finish off the look.

Number Three
This is a lot like this tutorial but using a fishtail braid. And I really pulled this braid apart to give it a messier look.

Number Four 
I like to call this the “faux hawk braid”. It is a fun, edgier style which transitions perfectly from a day out and about with your kiddos to a date night with your guy.

Number Five 
For this style I just part my hair slightly off center and twist both sides back into a crown and secure the back with either an elastic or bobby pins.


And the best part of these styles is they can be worn with clean hair or hair that hasn’t been washed. Just throw in some dry shampoo, style, and call it a day.”




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